10 Cats Who Decided To Become Superheroes

We’ve all seen adorable cat pictures on the internet – but sometimes our feline friends take on great power and responsibility and become super heroes. Here are some of the best pictures of cats ready to take on the greatest villains in the universe.

1. Catman: The Dark Knight


Image source: listrama.com

This cat didn’t even need to dress up for the role of Batman, so perfect was he for the role of The Dark Knight. We see him as more in the Christian Bale style of Batman than the Michael Keaton one – a brooding, intimidating presence. Perhaps he was damaged by being taken away from his parents at a young age and has vowed to fight crime as a way to honour those he feels he has lost. Now a reclusive hero with vast resources at his disposal, this feline incarnation of The Dark Knight will pursue his enemies to the ends of the Earth, as long as they don’t go into water.

2. Thor Cat


Image source: incrediblethings.com

Thor Cat is from another planet, Asgard, but has his roots in mythology. You’d better watch out when this cute kitty lifts his hammer, because it can knock through pretty much anything. Unlike his brother Loki Cat, Thor is a force for good in the world, using his god-like powers to stop anyone wreaking havoc on the world – even if it’s his mischievous brother. That hammer also comes in handy when trying to crack open tins of Whiskas or tuna, ensuring that Thor Cat never goes hungry.

3. Cat-tain America


Image source: smatterist.com

This kitty was once the runt of the litter until a military experiment led to him becoming a feline super soldier and the toast of the US Army. As a super strong cat, this proud All-American hero can jump onto almost any wall, catch even the fastest bird and take on any dog. With his smart feline wit and incredible strength, Cat-tain America has to be the most useful military animal ever – even if he does think that his suit looks a little bit silly.

4. Nick Furry



Image source: listrama.com

Nick may not be an actual superhero, but as the convener of perhaps the greatest team of superheroes around, The Avengers, as well as the boss of the extra-military operation S.H.I.E.L.D.,  he may be more important than any individual hero. That’s why this cat has chosen Nick, played by Samuel L. Jackson in the Marvel films as his role model. With his eye-patch and suave S.H.I.E.L.D. suit, he certainly gets to wear cooler gear than some of the superheroes who find themselves under his tutelage. No wonder this kitty chose to be Nick Furry and be a cool cat.

5. Loki Cat


Image source: reddit.com

Loki cat maybe related to Thor Cat, but that is where the similarities end – as this particular Asgardian feline is a mischievious villain rather than a hero. In fact he loves nothing more than playing dastardly tricks on his fellow cats. Whether it be an explosive mouse, or a ball of string which ties up those who play with it, he always seems to relish causing trouble for everyone. As a result he’s rather the black sheep, or cat, if you prefer of Thor’s family and his brother is always having to put right some terrible deed which this evil cat has committed.

6. Catman and Robin


Image source: animalcosplay.com

These two are the dynamic duo whose comic book capers have wowed fans for decades. Taking after the 1960s comic depictions of Batman and Robin starring Adam West, these two foil crime with an ironic whisker raised knowingly to onlookers and are never short of the purr-fect hilarious quip. Particularly of note is their love hate relationship with Catwoman, whose costume could perhaps be seen as a bid to get close to these clawed crusaders. Their feud with The Penguin has been made extremely bitter, however, due to their shared and competitive love for fish.

7. Hearth Vader


Image source: cuteanimalsonline.com

Ok, this cat isn’t exactly a superhero, but his mastery of the force merits his inclusion on this list. Once an idealistic young Jedi, this cat turned to the dark side of his paws and now is an extremely powerful and dark leader in a sinister Galactic Empire. When not battling rebel forces however, this cat likes spending his time on his very own Death Star curled up in front of the fire – hence his fearsome name and reputation. If you wake him up during a cat nap, unless you’re handy with a lightsaber, you won’t have long left to live.

8. The Amazing Spider-Cat


Image source: cardfight.wiki.ru

Spider-Cat, Spider-Cat, does whatever a Spider-Cat does…In this case stares into space wistfully, no doubt thinking of past battles hard won and ones to come in the future. Formed by a genetic accident between this cat and a radioactive spider, he now has taken on many of the characteristics of an arachnid – being able to climb walls and fire webs out of his paws. In fact spider-cat may be one of the most agile heroes ever, as cats aren’t exactly cumbersome movers themselves. This is certainly one feline crime fighter who master criminals should fear.

9. Super Cat


Image source: Pawmanefin.com

Perhaps the most famous of all our feline super heroes, Super Cat is not of this world, but feels he often has to save humanity and his fellow felines from themselves. His ultimate weakness is Krypotonite Catnip, a substance which weakens him but he cannot resist. Here we see him looking out of a window contemplating his future as the Cat of Steel, and no doubt getting ready to fly through the air should the need arise to save someone in distress. In fact, with his flying ability this is one cat who always landed on his feet.

10. Iron Cat


Image source: robot6.com

This cat has produced his own weapons suit, enabling him to fight off bad guys, save the world and scare dogs who annoy him. A  bit of play, or tomcat, he regularly links up with Thor Cat and Nick Furry to form The Avengers super hero team. When not saving the world though, he certainly knows how to relax as well – partying until the early hours with his kitty pals and always surrounded by beautiful female cats. However when the time comes to save the world once more, he shows his serious side as technological marvels help him swing into action.