15 Cutest and Fluffiest Sleeping Kittens

Kittens are known for being cute, jolly, energetic and at times a bit naughty, but what about sleepy ones?

Yes believe it or not, kittens do actually sleep occasionally and when they do, firstly you get some needed rest and secondly you get to truly admire just how gorgeous these little animals are.

That’s why we came up with a list of 15 adorable kittens fast asleep in different positions and locations. These pictures are bound to give you a warm kitty cuddle.

1. Sleep tight little smiley face!

smiling kitten sleeping

Image source: artonsun.blogspot.com

How about that for a lovely smile, I bet it’s dreaming about it’s next dinner.

2. Rise and shine, Cat Flower!

kitten in plant pot

Image source: girlyme.tumblr.com

What a really odd place to fall asleep, this little one must have been exhausted to sleep in a plant pot.

3. Sleepy ginger fur ball

fluffy kitten asleep

Image source: kittehkats.tumblr.com

Aww what a cutey, this fluffy little monster looks adorable tucked up in a little ball.

4. The cute and sleepy reader

kitten sleeping on books

Image source: chloeroseboutique.tumblr.com

After a long day reading, this kitten just needs a bit of shut eye.

5. It’s nap time!

sleepy kitten on sofa

Image source: inspirationlane.tumblr.com

Looks like this one has found the comfy crack in the sofa, maybe it can find some of my loose change too 🙂

6. Let the kitties hit the sheets!

kitten head plant

Image source: refinery29.com

After a night on the town, this kitten just wants to crash out head first onto a comfy bed.

7.Oh, fish! Oh, pigeons!

kitten dreaming of food

Image source: indulgy.com

Dreaming of what lies ahead tomorrow. Oh those were the days of no responsibility – sigh!

8. Asleep and fuzzy lion

hairy kitten sleeping

Image source: sunflowersandsearchinghearts.tumblr.com

This little lion is having an afternoon snooze next to a sunny window. I can’t say that the hard table looks that comfortable though, but kittens do seem to sleep anywhere, anytime.

9. Sooo comfy and asleep

kitten sleeping upside down

Image source: lovemeow.com

What a great pose, you just want to scratch it’s little belly.

10. A Winter’s Fluffy Tale

kitten wrapped in wool

Image source: inspirationlane.tumblr.com

Now this kitten has the right idea, think I need to buy a giant woolen blanket to do that myself, it looks extremely cosy.

11. Sleepy blogger kitty

kitten on laptop

Image source: refinery29.com

“All that time writing on that kitty blog is hard work don’t you know. Best I just lay down on my nice warm laptop, ah that’s the life.”

12. Sleepy purrr circle

kitten in circle

Image source: refinery29.com

Well that’s one good use for your cat bowl isn’t it kitty!? Let’s hope it was licked clean before jumping in.

13. I ain’t drunk, I’m sleepy!

drunk kitten

Image source: buzzfeed.com

Oh dear, looks who’s found the beer stash and how did that kitten open the bottles?

14. Oh, those afternoon naps!

kitten stretched on bed

Image source: flickr.com

What a cutey, this fluffy one is having a good stretchy sleep on the bed.

15. Sleepy kitty and its best bud cuddling

kitten cuddling toy

Image source: projectinspired.com

This has to be the cutest picture of the bunch, a proper kitty cuddle, awwwww.

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