10 of the Most Famous Dogs on the Internet

Dog are just so adorable. Don’t you agree? Whatever breed, we just love them. Here are some of the most famous dogs on the internet that you should be following.

1. Boo the Dog

This must be the cutest dog you’ve ever seen!


Image source: buzzfeed.com

2. Menswear Dog

The most fashionable dog in the world. He models Kenneth Cole, Club Monaco and Nike just to name a few.


Image source: fastcompany.net

3. Manny the Frenchie

This French bulldog keeps himself busy with fan meet ups and appearances across the country.


Image source: dailymail.co.uk

4. Jiff

Jiff holds the Guinness world record for the speediest dog on two legs.


Image source: rollingout.com

5. Digby Van Winkle

This dog is an advice columnist.


Image source: puppytoob.com

6. Marnie

She was nicknamed Stinky when she was first rescued because of some issues with her teeth but now they’re fixed. She has A-list celebrities following her like Taylor Swift and Betty White.


Image source: cloudfront.net

7. Tommy the Pomeranian

This pom became famous while interning at Tumblr headquarters in New York.


Image source: tumblr.com

8. Maru Taro

Maru Taro has a whopping 1.3 million following on Instagram.

Maru Taro Most Popular Dog on Instagram

Maru Taro Most Popular Dog on Instagram

Image source: 9bytz.com

9. Minnie and Max the Pugs

These pugs went on to appear in The Tonight Show, Live! with Regis and Kelly and Ellen.


Image source: ggpht.com

10. Mishka

Mishka became internet famous because of her YouTube video saying “I love you”. She can say other words too.


Image source: thedogfiles.com