18 Of The Worst Photoshop Fails To Exist

Some people use photoshop simply for a gag and the opportunity to place themselves at locations they could only dream of ever seeing. Others view it as a form of penniless plastic surgery.

Either way, it isn’t the most uncommon thing these days. In fact, it’s almost become a weird game of “Where is Waldo?” that everyone is eager to participate in and people collectively try to find even the most subtle hint of photo manipulation.  If you’re caught, the internet can indeed be a cruel place.

1. Meet the Newest Kardashian

The long lost brother of the Kardashian family, just hanging out as usual. From what I hear, he’s the sassiest of them all.


Image Source: dainikbhaskar.com

2. Being a Hero and Laughing in the Face of Danger All at Once

Oh god, I hope they got away safely. He saved Cameron Diaz, how has he not gained recognition for this? The man is a hero.


Image Source: tribune.com

3. Eyes That You Could Get Lost In

I too was involved in that accident and had to get eye surgery at the age of 7. My eyes are now rainbow colored and they’re completely natural, it’s not a laughing matter (joking).

fake eyes

Image Source: thebadchix.com

4. True Love

This relationship will turn out to be something magical,  I can feel it. Yet I can’t help but wonder what’s the reason behind the purple in the picture, but I’m sure it represents something magical also.
justin bieber and stranger
Image Source: acidcow.com

5. Well….

Well, he did his best and that’s what counts. The fact that it’s a 3-D tiger and it appears to pop out of the screen is pretty cool in my book.

man and fake tiger

Image Source: slidesearch.com

6. Wearing Stripes Can Be Slimming

It’s definitely the stripes that gave it away, not the fact that a lot of the items in the background also appear to be warped. Any other pattern and it would have been totally believable.

woman in stripes

Image Source: nowaygirl.com

7. The Dreaded Before & After Pictures

Ouch, for her boyfriend’s sake I hope it was a stranger that decided to practice on his photoshop skills – if not, someone was in a great amount of trouble once she found out.

before and after

Image Source: beinglol.com

8. Hercules Can Eat His Heart Out

His arms are actually capable of doing the opposite of motivating people work out. I’ve now developed a hankering for some chicken nuggets due to their shape.

fake muscle

Image Source: shechive.com

9. He’s No Longer His Parent’s Special Little Guy and is Now a Man

They’re starting out so young these days. I can only hope that his parents have had “the talk” with him – by this I mean the dangers of photoshopping.

kid with model

Image Source: iactafool.com

10. Maybe She Does a Lot of Squats?

Butt why? Ok, that pun was pretty awful. I’m actually glad that this is photoshopped and nothing more. This would be a nightmare in the matter of lower back pain.

gigantic bottom

Image Source: amusingfun.com

11. Expensive Taste

At least the little guy has goals, and pretty good taste in vehicles if I do say so myself.
kid on a car
 Image Source: scoopwhoop.com

12. Do You Even Lift?

This picture is totally legit. The door isn’t warped. If you look closely, you can tell that it’s clearly a gateway to another dimension that just so happened to open while the picture was being taken.
The star on the door adds a nice touch also, it really brings the room together.
bulky muscles

Image Source: imgur.com

13. Utilizing Her Artistic Skills for a Larger Bottom

At least she was able  to match the exact same red, that takes a few minutes of perseverance and dedication.
photoshopped bottom

Image Source: hant.se

14. No. Not You Too Kourtney

The leaking of the original photo shown below had managed to stir the internet into quite a frenzy after the magazine had been exposed for using photoshop on Kourtney Kardashian. To each his own, but there’s nothing wrong with someone actually looking like they’d just had a baby, moms don’t have to look like runway models every second. Either way, it’s still a nice cover.

Kourtney Kardashian

Image Source: trendingfeeds.com

15. Why Pay For An Actual Vacation When You Can Just Make It Look Like You Were There?

How I envy this guy. I wish that I could take off and go to places where there are exotic beaches. This picture was just the motivation I desperately needed. I’m upgrading  the photoshop software on my computer immediately and that’s all there is to it.

fake beach photo

Image Source: funieststuff.com

16. He’s Not Half the Dog He Used to Be

Even when you leave it to the professionals mistakes will still occur. Whole or not, that’s still one adorable little pup.

half a dog

Image Source: scoopwhoop.com

17. Car Show

Is it weird that for some reason the shoes are the most off-putting thing in the picture?

fake shoes and car

Image Source: funcage.com

18. Better Off Without Photoshop

This is a complete and utter fail only for the fact that she was an extremely gorgeous woman before any photoshop was ever applied. It goes to show that even the models in magazines aren’t perfect and also fall short of the beauty standards society has set. There’s no such thing as perfect, but there’s plenty of beauty in imperfection itself.
photoshopped model
Image Source: culturefried.com