Top 10 Funny Cat Pictures

No cats were hurt in the production of this article, but it may lead us to looking at them in a different way.

1. Cat Needs A Nap

Most of us may have felt like doing this many times, but this kitten has got to the stage when making that extra few steps to bed is just a step to far.

Cats sleeping

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2. Naming and Shaming

Some parents have taken to putting signs on their children as a way of showing others what they have done wrong. Now it seems that cat owners are following the trend and letting everyone know about their cats failings.

Barf cat

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3. Its Been A Hard Night

It’s one thing to come home and find your partner slumped on the couch, but it is a little disconcerting when it is the cat.

drunk cat

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4. This Cat That Looks Like Hitler.

Sometimes owners and pets can look alike, but it is a bit worrying to see a cat that looks like this. I can imagine they will have found it hard to make friends.

Hitler cat

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5. Just Wake Up!!

Most cat owners will know the feeling of being woken up at inconvenient times, but few will have had such an extreme wakening.

Funny cat asleep


6. Plenty of Fish

This is one cat that will have a sad shock when they realise that Plenty of Fish is a human dating site and not the answer to all of their culinary wishes.

cat computer

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7. Sometimes Cats Are Unkind.

This is not what any women wants to see when she asks the cat “Do I look fat in this?” Next time ask the dog, they are likely to be loyal and supportive.

Laughing cat

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8. Handbags at 10 Paces.

The owner of these cats must regret letting them watch Bridget Jones Diary now that they seem to re-enact the fight scene between Colin Firth and Hugh Grant on a regular basis.

fighting cats

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9. Anything Baby Can Do.

Cats like to feel that they are a part of the family and this one has decided that copying the baby is a way to become more involved.

cat sleeping

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10. Well Armed Kitty

Next time the dog decides to eat out of the cat’s bowl, the cat will be prepared to protect its food. A little over the top maybe but that dog has to learn who is boss around here.

cats with guns

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